What is the Dribble Dr.?

Dribble Dr. is the first training stick developed for the sport of field hockey. With a patented rotating grip, the Dribble Dr. allows players to learn to use their left hand to control the stick. While learning the basic skill of dribbling players will also increase their forearm strength, hand speed, and ball control. Dribble Dr. is the answer for any level field hockey player. Whether an athlete has never played and needs to learn the basics of dribbling or has been playing for years and is looking for an edge. Donít miss this proven opportunity to improve your game!

For Coaches: After coaching players of all levels, I noticed that dribbling was the one skill that players uniformly execute poorly. I decided that a simple training device could help almost any player develop proper technique. The Dribble Dr. can be helpful on many different levels. Picture those beginning athletes who almost uniformly roll their right hand over their stick. Now picture correcting this common mistake in a matter of minutes. In a simple stationary drill, athletes who use the Dribble Dr. will be able to feel their left hands doing the work and instantly train their minds and bodies to use the proper dribbling technique. Do not go another day without it!

For Players: In an increasingly competitive field hockey world it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish yourself. If your goal is to make JV or Varsity, or to be recruited at one of the top college field hockey programs, you can benefit from the Dribble Dr. The stick will improve your skills and boost your confidence. Just a few minutes every day will transform your game. Give yourself every chance to become a champion!

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