Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the Dribble Dr. different from a normal stick?
The Dribble Dr. is a training stick and has a rotating grip. You can see in the picture that there is a portion of the grip that is red. That is the correct position of your right hand while dribbling. The red part of the stick rotates freely around the rest of the stick teaching the proper use of the left hand while dribbling.

Q: Would I be allowed to play with a Dribble Dr. in a real game?
There is no rule against an adapted stick of this nature, but the reality is that it would be somewhat of a disadvantage to play with in a game. The Dribble Dr. is just meant for training purposes.

Q: I play with a composite stick, why is the Dribble Dr. wooden?
The Dribble Dr. can only be made with a wooden stick because composite sticks are hollow. In order to get the grip to rotate the stick needs to be sanded down, and this can only be performed with a wooden stick. Don’t worry, since you are only using the stick during certain training situations, it will not affect your composite stick skills!

Q: I play with a 37” stick (or another size that is not offered), how do I get the perfect size for me?
Please contact me if you are interested in getting a different size than is offered. If I get enough requests for a certain size I can add them to the options. For now, since you are not going to be hitting with the stick you will not find a big difference in the size. 1” shorter or longer should not cause a problem when training with a Dribble Dr.

Q: What kind of drills can be done with the Dribble Dr.?
Please see the sample drills on the website for ideas on how to get the most of your Dribble Dr.

Q: What exactly does the Dribble Dr. do?
The Dribble Dr. teaches the proper technique of dribbling. It will establish proper right hand positioning on the stick while developing overall stick skills. It will increase both your left forearm strength and left hand speed, both critical to becoming an elite field hockey player.

Q: I’ve been playing for 5 years, and feel as though I’m a fairly advanced player, can the Dribble Dr. help me?
I have sold team orders to the University of Maryland and Wake Forest University as well as many high school powerhouses. There is no limit to who a Dribble Dr. can help. Using a Dribble Dr. to train can improve the skill level of any player, any age!

Q: Can I hit with the Dribble Dr.?
You can use the Dribble Dr. for hitting, but the main purpose of the stick is to use during dribbling drills or circuits.

Q: I get a new stick every year, would I have to buy a new Dribble Dr. that often?
No! The great thing about a Dribble Dr. is you should only have to buy one. Because you are not using it in a game or to hit with you will not notice the normal wear and tear that you would with a regular stick. The Dribble Dr. should last as long as you want to use it!

Q: Is there a discount if you buy multiple Dribble Dr.’s?
I do a team discount for 10 or more Dribble Dr.’s. Please contact me for details.

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